Vision & Values

Our Vision

Enthusiastic, successful, learners, living their Catholic faith with strength of mind and gentleness of heart

Every child is welcome at St Joseph’s. Our common faith and values make room in our hearts for us to celebrate the rich differences that make our community unique. They also grant us the strength and the desire to ensure each child has an equitable and inclusive  chance to participate fully and feel that welcome every day.

At St Joseph’s, Orakei, we live and act as Christ has shown us. We offer strong leadership and guidance to our children and we engage openly with our families. The families, staff and children are faithful to our Catholic Character and Gospel Values. Our Brigidine charism of ‘Strength with Gentleness’ together with our school values of Tika, Pono, Aroha and Faith are visible and lived. We have fun together and learn by work and play.

We learn and embrace the values of Faith, Aroha, Tika and Pono
We learn, act and grow the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit
We live and learn in our daily lives being true to our Catholic faith
Everyone is valued in a trusting and respectful environment

We are a small country school in the midst of the city, where children play, learn and advance with their peers and friends. At St Joseph’s we foster inquiry through critical thinking. Our children who finish Year Six are resilient and ready for the next stage of life. We balance a mix of traditional and current, we are open to new ideas and ways as we strive to provide the best education for our learners.

St Joseph’s is a safe place where our children flourish and are encouraged to be the best that they can be. Any behaviour which puts this at risk is acknowledged, analysed and resolved with appropriate support and intervention, to allow all to continue safely on their learning journey. We nurture young minds and spirits.

Parents are involved and understand what their children are learning and what to expect next. Our learners set individual, personal goals, feedback is given and achievement acknowledged. The needs of the individual child are planned for using relevant data. Information is readily available in plain language.

We want our children to enjoy their childhood and time with their families so homework at St Joseph’s is not prescribed. Our learners create meaningful inquiry topics shared with home to practise investigation, problem solving and critical thinking skills. Our learners are responsible digital citizens who can also learn without devices in their hands.

Our learners create meaningful inquiry topics with investigation, problem solving and critical thinking skills.

We express our fears and joys directly, honestly and with respect. Our environment is one of trust, where each voice is heard in decision making. We  ensure information reaches the wider school and community in a timely and accessible fashion to promote the greatest opportunity for engagement. We value our families and they spread our good words and deeds so that St Joseph’s will grow and succeed.

Our students are well represented at all agreed inter-school activities and we value both individual and team achievements and success.  We follow our past students and celebrate their stories, sharing these with our community to promote our successful school. At St Joseph’s Orakei we share a sense of belonging, and encourage self-esteem, self-confidence and lifelong learning.

By demonstrating the strength of resolve, confidence and resilience coupled with the gentleness of true friendship and joyful inquiry, we stay faithful to our Catholic Character and Charism as we follow our Gospel Values.

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