Reporting to Parents

A written report is sent home at the end of term one or early term 2 and term three. These summarises each child’s progress and achievement, learning goals and next steps.

Parent learning conferences are held twice a year to discuss academic progress, your child’s learning goals and what you can do at home to help and support their learning, and any concerns you or the teacher may have. You will be informed of the structure and timing of the formal meetings well in advance.

As a Catholic school we believe all children have been blessed with gifts and talents from God and it is up to us to recognise these and offer opportunities for all to reach their potential.

Towards the end of term three some of your child’s exercise books that are used in class are sent home. Parents are asked to talk about the contents with their children and to comment positively on the learning.

The teaching team welcome parents/caregiver’s direct interaction. They are happy to be available by appointment to discuss your child’s progress. A child’s welfare is our primary concern and any issues raised will be immediately addressed by either the class teacher or the Principal. An appointment can be made through a note to the teacher or a phone call to the school.

Many parents take the opportunity to visit their child’s classroom in the morning before the school day starts and the teachers make every effort to be in the classroom each morning to interact with children and their parents as they look through their child’s work.  We are more than happy to assist you in any way possible.


This is a celebration of the Spiritual, Academic and Sporting dimensions of our school. It is also where we farewell our senior students.

Prizegiving is generally held sometime in the last two weeks of Term 4 at our Parish Church/or another suitable venue. All parents are welcome.

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