This year we will be using PR1ME Mathematics as our core teaching and learning programme for mathematics. PR1ME Mathematics is a well-structured programme that incorporates the best practices used by the three top-performing nations in primary mathematics education according to international benchmarks.

Our teacher’s will have ongoing professional development in using Prime and we will shortly be administering the placement assessments so we know exactly where each child is at with mathematics and were they need to be.

The PR1ME Mathematics programme was selected because it builds a solid foundation in mathematics by developing deep conceptual understanding with a strong focus on problem-solving to prepare students for the challenges of a fast-changing world. The programme curriculum combines the standards and best practices of South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong, the three top-performing education systems against international benchmarks on mathematics achievement.

The structure of the PR1ME Mathematics programme is clearly sequenced so that new concepts are regularly revisited, reinforced and built upon to enable the children to confidently move to the next step of complexity in the concept or skill being learned.

This programme is fully aligned with the New Zealand Curriculum and will equip all our children to meet their goals for Mathematics with confidence and independence.

The teaching model used by PR1ME Mathematics ensures effective teaching and learning, allowing the teacher to constantly monitor their mathematical reasoning and adjust the teaching to suit the needs of the children. The structure of the programme enables the teacher to provide valuable and immediate feedback on whether the children have mastered the concept, and addresses misconceptions and errors quickly.

As a school, we are excited about this high-quality programme and its potential to enhance our children’s’ mathematical success, and the impact it will have on them as life-long motivated mathematical learners.