Music and Performance

Music and performance are a part of the core curriculum with various instruments and genres being explored at a classroom level.

We encourage an enjoyment of music and dance with various performance opportunities throughout the year including Cultural Day, music concerts and the end of year performances. The Senior students have an opportunity to be involved in the APPA Choir Festival and Ukulele Festival. We are a Lewis Eady school, parents can choose to enrol their children in weekly music tuition on piano, guitar, keyboard, drum kit and ukulele.

Lewis Eady Music Tuition

Tutors from Lewis Eady Music company come into the school every week to provide private group or one-on-one music tuition to students who opt-in to this programme. Students who participate are given the opportunity to perform for the school during the year at Lewis Eady concerts, assemblies and in class.

The following lessons are some of those provided for each student to select from:

• Violin
• Guitar
• Singing
• Piano

• Recorder
• Drums
• Flute
• Clarinet

• Ukelele
• Saxophone
• Music Theory
• Song-writing

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