Mountains to Sea/Goat Island Trip

Our Year 4, 5 and 6 children were so fortunate to be part of the Mountains to Sea programme which included water testing at a nearby beach, learning to snorkel at Parnell Baths in preparation for a visit to Goat Island which children went snorkeling, exploring rockpools and a stream walk. This was sponsored by Auckland Council as part of the Enviro School programme. It was a fantastic experience for our children and they loved it! Some of the children’s comments include:

Snorkelling: I liked snorkelling and being able to see the great big snappers. I have never seen red moki, the one with the red stripes, before.
Rocks: I enjoyed the rocks, when the tide was high there was a great big whoosh of water like a geyser, when I was looking in the gap between the rocks. I turned around quickly and it wet my back instead.
Judges Bay:
I enjoyed doing the water testing at Judges Bay. I like being out in the open and I like the water. I liked doing the square meter testing and investigating, and finding all the shells.