ERO, the Education Review Office, reviews the performance of every school from time to time. The resulting report, called an Education Review Report, is a public document.

“Students at St Joseph’s School (Orakei) achieve well. The school’s values provide a good foundation for its caring and inclusive culture. Students achieve well and experience positive relationships with teachers and each other. A capable board and senior team provide good quality governance and leadership… …overall student achievement…exceeds wider regional and national averages… As a group, Māori students achieve at a higher level in relation to National Standards in reading, writing and mathematics than Māori students in other schools in the local area, in the region and nationally.

The special character of the school permeates the learning and social culture. The positive and caring school tone is founded on the school’s values.

Parents report that teachers are very accessible for informal meetings about their children. These opportunities for parents and teachers to catch up are complemented by formal interviews. Respectful and supportive relationships are evident across all groups. The Friends of St Joseph’s group works in the best interests of the school.”


How well are students learning – engaging, progressing and achieving?

Students enjoy learning. Teachers engage with them in positive and respectful ways. They provide classroom environments that are print rich, settled and focused on learning. Student engagement in learning is well supported by teachers who use effective teaching strategies and provide very good quality teaching programmes. School leaders and staff have high expectations for student success in learning.

Our learners are motivated and reliable and have a desire to excel in what ever they do.


How effectively does this school’s curriculum promote and support student learning?

The curriculum of St Joseph’s School (Orakei) effectively promotes and supports student learning. The curriculum includes Catholic beliefs and is closely aligned to the principles and key competencies of The New Zealand Curriculum.

Curriculum priorities include an appropriate focus on literacy and mathematics, a range of learning opportunities for students, including easy access to information and communication technologies (ICT)

Sustainable Performance

How well placed is the school to sustain and improve its performance?

The board is well placed to sustain and improve its performance. The board comprises new and experienced trustees, who have a range of skills that are useful in helping them govern effectively. Trustees are knowledgeable about their roles and school operations. They appreciate external support, are committed to raising student achievement and building capability. The board chairperson and trustees have a high profile in the school. The board’s vision is clearly stated in the charter and reflects community aspirations. There is clear alignment between governance, management and leadership processes. The board is well served by the principal. She effectively leads change and provides well considered professional leadership for teachers.

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