Term 2 Focus – “Proud of our Place, Proud of our People”

Thanks to Hannah Clayton and her team, designing, noticing, art, recycling, then a mad sprint at the end means we have colourful recycling bins that, until they were painted, didn’t seem that exciting and then voila, a splash of paint and all the children’s efforts were realised…magic. I know these will promote recycling and tidiness at St Joseph’s.

Thanks to Laura Ahern and her team. From bin diving, recycling art and some very professional beeswax lunch wrap. What a fun and authentic way to learn about our environment and how we can make our place more sustainable. Laura, your passion for sustainability and the environment is a great inspiration for us all…and your willingness to let the kids get dirty! Only very able educators can make rubbish fun.

Thanks for your expertise Laura and Hannah…and thanks for reminding us to “take pride in our place”.