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IT Technologies & Computer Science

Computers in the Classroom Information Technology is a regular part of the school curriculum with computers incorporated into our daily education.

At St Joseph’s we pride ourselves in blending tradition with technology offering a suite of Chrome and Apple devices. The majority of these are portable enabling whole lessons to be taught with each student working on their own computer. We have a variety of software and computer applications for the students’ learning and free time. We incorporate the latest in computer technology into our everyday curriculum with interactive whiteboards, projectors or screens enhancing learning in every classroom.

“I really enjoy using the Chromebooks for our enquiry. I can type really quickly now.”

Code Club

Once a week after school our students are able to attend Code Club which is run by parents and local IT experts. They enjoy computer games and learning the basics of computer coding. The sessions are interactive using computer networking to encourage children to work with their peers.

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