Where to from St Joseph’s

The majority of St Joseph’s graduates continue their Catholic Education at local Catholic Secondary Schools. The boys predominately move onto Sacred Heart in Glendowie with the girls moving to Baradene in Remuera.

Sacred Heart College

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St Joseph’s has a strong tradition with Sacred Heart; each year sees 75% of graduating boys off to Glendowie to study with the Marist Brothers. As you will see below, St Joseph’s pupils receive a priority in enrolment.

The College currently receives more applications than there are places available. Consistent with the Special Character of the College, preference is given to families with an established connection with the Catholic Church. Preference of enrolment is established by the designated agent of the proprietor in accordance with the revised guidelines approved by the Catholic Bishops of New Zealand in 2003.

St Peter’s College

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St Peter’s College has an approved maximum roll as specified in its integration agreement of approximately 850 secondary and 350 intermediate students.

The students who attend the College come from many parts of Auckland so there is a very wide range of families in the college community and consequently mixed socio-economic and occupational groupings and a diverse range of cultural backgrounds including Samoan, Tongan, Maori, Asian and many others.

The College is centrally situated in Mountain Road, Epsom and was established in 1939. Although most of the staff are now lay men and women it was conducted and staffed originally by the religious order of men known as the Christian Brothers who have strongly influenced the College throughout its history and have maintained a teaching presence.

St Mary’s College

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St Mary’s College offers a wonderful environment for your daughter to learn, grow and realise her potential.

St Mary’s College is a Catholic Integrated school for Girls, offering a Catholic education to students from Intermediate to Secondary, Years 7 to 13.  The College provides a high quality academic education with extensive co-curricular opportunities, and aims to instil in young women a strong sense of self-esteem and confidence. St Mary’s College has enjoyed a long tradition of academic excellence with graduates moving on to further their studies across a wide variety of disciplines.

Baradene College of the Sacred Heart

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Baradene is the destination for the majority of the graduating girls.

Interviews for Year 7 and 9 intakes commence in March. The intake numbers will be approximately 120 girls in Year 7 and 25-30 girls for Year 9. Baradene’s possible intake is 95% Catholic and up to 5% from other backgrounds, according to their legal agreement with the New Zealand Government. All Catholic applicants are interviewed and a shortlist of other applicants is interviewed.

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