Fees and Donations

School dues and contributions are levied at the start of each term and due by the end of the third week of each term. There are four components to the school contributions:

1. Catholic Attendance Dues

$115.00 (including GST) per term, are compulsory for all students. These are not a donation but collected on behalf of the Bishop of Auckland to pay for major building and capital works in all Catholic schools in the region, including ours.

Please note: Attendance dues are approved by the Minister of Education, under Section 36 of the Private Schools Conditional Integration Act, 1975, in respect of the group of schools forming part of the Proprietors Co-operative, Diocese of Auckland. The dues are to be applied to the group of schools solely for the authorised purposes under Section 36.

2. Special Character Contribution

$15.00 per term, a voluntary contribution collected on behalf of the Catholic Schools Office which pays for activities to support the special character of St Joseph’s, such as teacher professional development.

3. St Joseph’s School Contribution

$80.00 per term or $320 for the whole year.
This is a voluntary contribution which assists the school to pay the day to day costs not covered by Government funding. We rely on your contribution to provide many things the children enjoy such as ICT devices, sports and art equipment,

How to pay your school fees

Fees can be paid by cash, cheque or automatic payment either:

  1. In full at the start of the year
  2. At the start of each term (payment is required by the end of the second week of each term)
  3. By direct credit with payments to suit usually fortnightly or monthly.

For automatic payments the account is 12-3047-0090238-00
Please include your family name in the reference line.

Extra Charges

Like all schools, we have other associated costs. Each year there are additional charges for:

  • Religious Education resources
  • School activities and trips
  • Swimming lessons
  • Maths Education resources for home-learning
If you believe you have extenuating circumstances, then please arrange to meet with the Principal.
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