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Welcome to St Joseph’s, Orakei

We are a small suburban Catholic school in a rural setting serving Orakei and surrounding area.

As a Catholic school our Special Character is at the heart of all that we do and student nurturing and a sense of community are the priorities in the early years of our students. Our children feel comfortable at school and enjoy learning, growing into opportunities of leadership as they mature and develop.

Our grounds provide children a pastoral setting for learning and contemplating their Catholic faith. Being a small school there is a strong sense of belonging, everyone knows and cares about each other. The children are happy and feel valued. From a young age they have a variety of responsibilities and an expectation of participation. Our Teaching staff take pride in their profession and enjoy enriching the education and development of all our students.

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At St Joseph’s Orakei we share a sense of belonging

We nurture young minds and spirits and encourage self-esteem

Our children develop self-confidence and a love of learning


Culture & the Arts


Music & Performance

What’s been going on at St Joseph’s?

Prime Mathematics

This year we will be using PR1ME Mathematics as our core teaching and learning programme for mathematics. PR1ME Mathematics is a well-structured programme that incorporates the best practices used by the three top-performing nations in

First Holy Communion

What a wonderful celebration we shared as the school and parish of St Joseph’s, Orakei. The 21 children were very excited and looking forward to becoming full members of the Catholic Church. They took

FOSJ Term 3 Update

First things first - we've smashed our previous best efforts for quiz night and raised just over $10,000 from the night!! The funds raised will go directly to assisting the Board with its efforts to


St Joseph’s is an oasis nestled in the hub of Auckland

We have wide open spaces for sports and free-play

St Joseph’s is a safe place where our children flourish and are encouraged to be the best they can be